Unbiased Editor Reviews and User Critics

Back in year 2007, we chosen to start reviewing Hostmonster.com and reveal their hidden secret. We want to know either their web hosting plan worth it or not and either they are serious in business or just another ripped off. From all these years of Hostmonster reviews and research on their customer, we have learned the truth about them. In here, we are not just having the latest Hostmonster coupons, we even have the secret discounts offering the biggest saving too. If you are already their customer, write us your review today.

Hostmonster.com homepage website is clear and simple to understand and it provides sufficient information. We know their product advantages and what they are selling. And knowing the trick on how to get their hosting service at discount price and how to keep the renewal price at lowest possible. There is no purposely hidden facts or info that don’t want anyone to find out. We feel comfortable to signup with Hostmonster.com and using their products. And we share our though and finding at here for free.

Hostmonster Homepage

Hostmonster is now offering two types of shared hosting plans and the basic plan is just $4.95 per month. The another PRO plan is much more expensive and cost $19.95 a month. Here is things to know about this Hostmonster hosting

  1. Hostmonster price start from $4.95 per month. Offer price can goes to $3.95/mo.
  2. Unlimited domains and hosting multiple websites. Other unlimited resource includes email accounts, storage, network transfer, and MySQL database with up to 1000 table max.
  3. Come with free cPanel and one year free domain name.
  4. Include the latest Simplescripts 1-click installer tool.
  5. Maximum file count of 50000. The Pro plan allows up to 500000 files.
  6. No setup fee and include 24/7 technical support.
  7. Hostmonster renewal price is $7.99 per month.

Hostmonster.com are now with more than just shared hosting, they are now offering more hosting products and allow account upgrade to higher web hosting plan too. Here are the product range overview

  1. Hostmonster unlimited shared hosting from $4.95 a month.
  2. Hostmonster VPS hosting from $29.99 a month and 4 plans available.
  3. Hostmonster dedicated servers from $149.99 a month and 3 plans available.

Website Speed and Uptime

Is Hostmonster speed faster compare to Bluehost? For fair comparison, we choose to use our own shared account and Bluehost shared account for test. From our Bluehost speed test, we are getting near 120 kilobytes per second in site performance. Meaning this Host Monster review website speed is a bit faster compare to our Bluehost review site.

Hostmonster speed test

Above website ping test has shown our website is rated at 83% fast and next we are using the new page speed checker tool from Google, this is called PageSpeed Insights. In here, we can check the website speed performance in both mobile and desktop computer. In summary that we get, it shows this Host Monster review site is 82% fast when tested on desktop and 70% fast when tested on mobile device. This result is quit similar with previous ping test.

Website speed check with Google PageSpeed

Hostmonster uptime and availability rate is supreme. Some cautious buyer will stay away from unlimited hosting plan and already decided its a scam and not as good as promised. Our further website uptime tracking will proof this wrong. We have been real time tracking this review site since year 2007 and its average server uptime is 99.85%. This mean their site availability rate is extremely good, even for an unlimited shared hosting.

Hostmonster uptime and downtime

cPanel Reviews & Advantages

Hostmonster cPanel control panel is nicely designed. They have been using cPanel control panel for many years. Back to the year 2007 when we first signup to HM shared hosting, they were using the cPanel XP Evolution version, by the time that was the most advanced version available. Right now, they are using the latest version plus a custom made theme that integrated all the account manager tools inside. Hostmonster users can now manage their websites, domains, billing profile, server management, and much more.

This Hostmonster cPanel also support multiple languages and we can switch to other preferred languages through the drop down menu. This cPanel is more user-friendly and suitable for user from different nations.

To log in Hostmonster cPanel for the first time, go to official homepage, click the client login link at the top right. Enter in username and password, this will bring you to the account.

  1. Go to http://www.hostmonster.com/
  2. Click on “Control Panel Login”
  3. Enter your account login information.

Alternatively, we can choose to login via domain name directly. For example for our Hostmonster review site here, we can login directly at domain follow by “cpanel”. And changing cPanel username and password can be performed by user from within this control panel. At the page bottom, there is a change password link. Choose a new secure password and update your account accordingly.

Hostmonster cPanel main page preview

Hostmonster Coupons and $1.68/mo Discounts

We have monitored Hostmonster coupons and promotion since  year 2007 and recorded down all their various discounts price. In here, we provide all the latest coupon price and our own rebate money.

What is the best Hostmonster coupon price? For this year 2014, their regular price is $4.95 per month and most people are signing up with this pricing. However, on certain selected holiday and Host Monster sales, their price can be discounted and getting one dollar cheaper. This kind of Hostmonster promotion is usually last for a day only. Activate Hostmonster Coupon $4.95/mo by clicking here!

Hostmonster coupon 2014

The question is not how to get the best discount but rather when to get it. Back in year 2006 to 2008, Hostmonster.com is giving us a secret discount link and its kind of exclusive offer and valid for us only. Later its getting more common and they start rewarding this to more and more people. It doesn’t last long and in less than two years they stop offering this type of rewards and ends the secret link program. Guess the promotion already ended and they are no longer aiming for fast growth in customer base. We have tried to reach various person in charge and hoping to get some sort of offer price from them, but it didn’t return anything and we are really hopeless. If you are the lucky one and chosen to signup during that time, surely you are getting the best price and get to save the most. After all these, we started to offer our very own reward program and giving some small cash rebate to user that write us their Hostmonster user review. Some people really love this and sent us some great reviews and testimonial.

The biggest Hostmonster promotion is $3.95 per month. Anyone looking for a quality web hosting plan from good reputation company can now consider this budget plan. This Hostmonster coupon is valid during this Winter sale. Make use to use the below Host Monster coupon link and it will bring you to secret page as screenshot below. Following is the coupon for $3.95/mo (already expired).

$3.95/mo Hostmonster winter sale

This is something new for the year 2014, they are introducing $20.14 offer price exclusively for all existing customer. Users can now order their web hosting for $1.68 a month or only $20.14 a year. Here is their second hosting account promotion page that expect to expire by June 15th 2014.

Hostmonster coupon $20.14

Hostmonster SiteLock promotion price is cheap. Besides discount price on web hosting plan, this SiteLock domain security protection is available with promotion price too. To purchase new protection, log in to Host Monster control panel and access the SiteLock dashboard as following. Purchase SiteLock for any of hosted domain at the price of $19.99 per year. Once the payment is made and billed your account, the security feature will be added automatically.

Hostmonster Sitelock Protection

Customer Support with Problem Solved

Hostmonster customer support quality is top rated. Through out all these years, our web server has been upgraded several times and this including software and hardware upgrade. We have contact Host Monster customer support several times and we know how good they are. Whenever we need some assistant from support team, this phone support will be the quickest way. Pickup the phone and dial Host Monster support phone number. After a short waiting, we can get connected to the phone support team. For small technical issue, the problem will be solved on the spot. It is important not to make user waiting over the phone and listen to machine voice. They are doing a really great job in providing real human customer support. We are fully satisfy with their phone support that is friendly and professional.

Hostmonster live chat support is not bad. For example, we are now live chat with the technical support department and asking about domain transfers that we going to engage. They give me a short instruction on what to do on my side, and follow by a link to knowledge base that compiled with everything we need to know. This is real life human assistant and we glad they are here to help.

They only use US-based technical support people and they are working directly on the server to fix any issue found. This is specific configured to ensure the best customer service and the quickest support level. In overall, we are rating this Host Monster customer service quality with 10 out of 10 scores.

Customer support team

CMS Test with Joomla & Drupal

In SimpleScripts, they provide lots of CMS software to choose from. Select the desire CMS for example Joomla and start the installation process as following. Firstly choose the version of Joomla you would like to install. Select domain name and installation location. Choose a new administrative password and read the GPL license agreement and tick on the box to proceed with the installation. The Joomla is now ready and up running, see our demo site for Joomla here.

Hostmonster Joomla demo

Next popular content management apps will be this Drupal and we already installed it here in Hostmonster account. The installation process is similar with above which we have performed on Joomla site install. This Hostmonster’s Drupal is even faster, clean, less complicated and we can create new content page in short time. See our Drupal demo here.

Hostmonster Drupal Demo

WordPress Setup Both Auto & Manual

Inside this Simplescripts, we test Hostmonster CMS compatibility. The selected CMS will be installed, configured and added with content. And this will act as a simple demo test site for anyone who look forward to test their site performance before they buy. Content management system is free open-source website software for managing online content. Once installed, user can use the CMS to create pages and organized content etc. And most of the CMS scripts are designed to run in PHP server with MySQL database.

Besides CMS apps, SimpleScripts also provides huge collection of blogging apps. Setup and hosting a blog site is not difficult and the installation process is identical.Indeed, we always prefer WordPress script, as this is the best blogging script we had come across. They are used by million of websites and there are thousand of free themes available online. Setup process is fast, simple and only takes less than 5 minutes. We prefer to use SimpleScripts and it only took a few clicks to complete. Here is the installation step:

  1. Go to Hostmonster.com, log in to control panel and go to SimpleScripts.
  2. Choose WordPress and start the installation.
  3. Choose destination location and give your blog a name.
  4. Enter new administrator log in information.
  5. Complete the setup process here and the site is now up running.

If you do not prefer this apps installer tool to do the work, you can always choose the manual setup method. First FTP upload all necessary files, it took about 10 minutes to complete. This is the old fashion way and web hosts that do not provide one-click installer will require this method. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to WordPress.org and download the latest blog script.
  2. Unzip the package and get ready to upload all files.
  3. FTP connect to server using the right username and password. FTP uploads all files over.
  4. Each WordPress site will require one database. Log in to cPanel and create a new database.
  5. Edit the wp-config.php file and enter the new database connection information here. Upload this file.
  6. Once uploaded all files, its time to activate the installer by go to WordPress administrator page.
  7. Complete the steps and the new blog is now online.

Installing WordPress

If comparing WordPress vs. Textpattern vs. B2evolution, we prefer WordPress blog and it’s our recommended choice too. With our next Hostmonster review, we are testing the B2evolution site hosting at here. We choose to use SimpleScripts, and repeat the steps above. This installer provides the latest version and the pass five older versions to choose from. We choose the latest version available and setup the blog as following.

Affiliate Program Is Depending On Luck

If you know nothing about Hostmonster affiliate program and want to learn how to make $65 per sales from them, this is the best beginner guide for you. This program is attractive and they are now offering $65 commission to those recommend friends or anyone to signup. With these benefits, basically they gain lots of promoter and people willing to work hard to recommend their products on the Internet. And with this marketing strategy, it helps increase sales and company revenue.

Fact is, affiliates life is totally depending on luck. This week making sales will not means next week going to make other sales. Promotional effort and advertising cost is self absorb. If affiliates use PPC advertising network, the cost will be staggering high. From research, we found out this will require spending five dollars in average per click. If within 100 clicks there is 1 signup for example, it costs $500 to bring in a product sale. Advertiser will need to have higher conversion rate in order to gain any profit.

From basic, this Hostmonster affiliate and partner program is designed for small rewarding purpose. Get friends or partners to sign up, since it cost nothing then this system works. Using paid advertising on affiliate promotion does not work and this is not a business to invest in. This program is most suitable for personal referral use, if your the one fall into this category then we are inviting you to signup.