Unbiased Hostmonster reviews & critics

Back in year 2007, we chosen to start reviewing Hostmonster.com and reveal their hidden secret. We want to know either their web hosting plan worth it or not and either they are serious in business or just another ripped off. From all these years of Hostmonster reviews and research on their customer, we have learned the truth about them. In here, we are not just having the latest Hostmonster coupons, we even have the secret discounts offering the biggest saving too. If you are already their customer, write us your review today.

Hostmonster HomepageHostmonster.com homepage website is clear and simple to understand and it provides sufficient information. We know their product advantages and what they are selling. We also know the trick on how to get their hosting service at discount price and how to keep the renewal price at lowest possible. There is no a purposely hidden fact or info that don’t want anyone to find out. We feel comfortable to signup with Hostmonster.com and using their products. And we share our though and finding at here for free.

Hostmonster is now offering two types of shared hosting plans and the basic plan is just $4.95 per month. Another pro plan is much more expensive and cost $19.95 a month. Here are the few things to know about their web hosting, this includes:

  1. Price start from $4.95 per month. Offer price can goes to $3.95/mo.
  2. Unlimited domains and hosting multiple websites.
  3. Unlimited resource includes email accounts, storage and network transfer.
  4. Unlimited MySQL database with up to 1000 table max.
  5. Free cPanel and one year free domain name.
  6. Free Simplescripts 1-click installer tool.
  7. Maximum file count is 50000 and pro plan allows up to 500000 files.
  8. Free instant setup and this mean no setup fee.
  9. Free 24/7 technical support.
  10. Hostmonster renewal price is $7.99 per month.

Getting startedThey are now offering with more than just shared hosting, they are now offering more hosting products and allow account upgrade to higher web hosting plan too. Here are the product range overviews:

  1. Unlimited shared hosting from $4.95 a month.
  2. VPS hosting from $29.99 a month and 4 plans available.
  3. Dedicated servers from $149.99 a month and 3 plans available.

Throughout the years, they are growing and become better. They are now more than just shared hosting company that offers budget website hosting solution; they are now upgraded to professional solution via their latest VPS and dedicated hosting.

Following is our Hostmonster rating for the pass 7 years:

Our rating

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Hostmonster coupons and $1.68/mo discounts

We have monitored Hostmonster coupons and promotion since year 2007 and recorded down their entire various discounts price. In here, we provide the entire latest discount price and our own rebate money. All these will help you to get the best saving and discount price on your initial signup.

What is the best Hostmonster coupon price? For this year 2014, their regular price is $4.95 per month and most people are signing up with this pricing. However, on certain selected holiday and Hostmonster sales, their price can be discounted and getting one dollar cheaper. For example is this October, their lowest discount price is now available for $3.95/month as following.

Hostmonster coupon $3.95

Currently, there are having three shared hosting packages and the new pricing are as following:

  1. Starter plan normally $5.99 is now $3.95/month.
  2. Plus plan normally $9.99 is now $6.95/month.
  3. Business pro normally $19.99 is now $14.95/month.

This kind of sales promotion is usually last for a day only. The next best Hostmonster coupon price will be this $4.95/mo offer price and this is the most popular choice. Activate this Hostmonster coupon $4.95/mo by clicking here!

Hostmonster coupon 2014

The question is not how to get the best discount but rather when to get it. Back in year 2006 to 2008, Hostmonster.com is giving us a secret discount link and it’s kind of exclusive offer and valid for us only. Later its getting more common and they start rewarding this to more and more people. It doesn’t last long and in less than two years they stop offering this type of rewards and end the secret link program. Guess the promotion already ended and they are no longer aiming for fast growth in customer base. We have tried to reach various people in charge and hoping to get some sort of offer price from them, but it didn’t return anything and we are really hopeless. If you are the lucky one and chosen to signup during that time, surely you are getting the best price and get to save the most. After all these, we started to offer our very own reward program and giving some small cash rebate to user that write us their Hostmonster user review. Some people really love this and sent us some great reviews and testimonial.

The biggest Hostmonster promotion is $3.95 per month. Anyone looking for a quality web hosting plan from good reputation company can now consider this budget plan. This Hostmonster coupon is valid during this Winter sale. Make use to use the below link and it will bring you to secret page as screenshot below. Here is the $3.95/mo promotion which is already expired.

$3.95/mo Hostmonster winter sale

This is something new for the year 2014, they are introducing $20.14 offer price exclusively for all existing customer. Users can now order their web hosting for $1.68 a month or only $20.14 a year. Here is their second hosting account promotion page that expect to expire by June 15th 2014.

Hostmonster coupon $20.14

Hostmonster VPS hosting plan is 50% off. They have introduced the all new VPS web hosting plans a few months ago and now we are seeing a slight change in their packages. There are small upgrade in features and big discount on the pricing. For basic VPS plan, the price is now well below $14.99 first month. And following month renewal price will resume at regular rate.

VPS hosting promotion

Hostmonster Sitelock promotion price is cheap. Besides discount price on web hosting plan, this Sitelock domain security protection is available with promotion price too. To purchase new protection, log in to Hostmonster control panel and access the Sitelock dashboard as following. Purchase Sitelock for any of hosted domain at the price of $19.99 per year. Once the payment is made and billed your account, the security feature will be added automatically.

Sitelock Protection

Hostmonster domain pricing is really cheap. We are not expecting to see this, but they are heavily promoting it and we can see the banner in our control panel every time we login to our account. In today market price, we can see Godaddy is charging over $18 dollars for a dot org and dot com domain names (that we own). At here, Hostmonster is charging only $11.99 for the most general or popular domain TLD. That is almost 40% in saving and cheaper compare to the other registrar. We are not expecting to get this really low price at here. However, we can see a fast growth at Hostmonster.com in recent years, they are fast expending and they are making some good profit from their hosting service. With this good profits, they can really afford to offer the cheapest domain registration price and make the price as low as possible.

Domain pricing

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Hostmonster VPS and dedicated servers (50% saving)

Hostmonster VPS hostingHostmonster VPS is now available. They are offering four VPS (similar with Bluehost VPS) and price begins from $14.99 per month (after 50% discount). In feature comparison, we see both Hostmonster and Bluehost are offering the identical virtual server hosting services. Here is the overview of Hostmonster VPS plans available:

  1. VPS with single core server is price at $29.99/mo.
  2. VPS with dual core server is price at $59.99/mo.
  3. VPS with triple core server is price at $89.99/mo.
  4. VPS with quad core server is price at $119.99/mo.

All the above pricing is monthly term and renew at same price. However as a new customer, you can get half-price discount on all these packages for the first 30-days. This mean their VPS (first month) is now priced from $14.99 and up to $59.99 only.

What are Hostmonster VPS hosting advantages? This price you are paying will get you a fully managed virtual private server and it will be setup instantly upon your signup is complete. This mean there is no waste of time or any sort of delays in account setup process. This is the new type of VPS hosting feature and made possible with the latest cloud technology. With the highly flexible cloud network that host your VPS plan, it will be much more flexible and you can choose to setup account, choose to upgrade or downgrade plan at anytime you want. It will be configured instantly.

Hostmonster VPS

Hostmonster dedicated server is even better. When VPS is no longer the best solution for your business website, its time to go pro and switch to fully independent server hosting and own your private piece of hardware. This mean the whole server is yours, and it is not being shared with other users. There are few servers available right now, which including:

  1. Dedicated server basic from $149.
  2. Dedicated server enhanced from $199.
  3. Dedicated server premium from $249.

Dedicated server $149

Is Hostmonster VPS web hosting allows account reselling? If you are looking for Hostmonster reseller program and wish to resell their wonderful shared hosting service, unfortunately they are no having any kind of reselling service for customer. The all four available Hostmonster VPS plans are not including billing software and you are unable to charge customer for their web hosting package. From the VPS’s WHM control panel, you will be given the multi-account management tool and here you create new cPanel and host more websites inside each cPanel. Either you can assign new user to each cPanel or manage it yourself. Bottom line is this virtual server plan is not designed for reseller use and only recommended for individual use only.

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Hostmonster web hosting reviews 2014

Hostmonster is one of the leading web hosting services in the world. The company was founded in 1996 in Utah. In fact, Hostmonster is one of the most popular and oldest web hosting companies. It offers an exceptional shared web hosting plan. It is an all-inclusive package for just $3.95 per month.

The package includes everything you need to build and maintain a good website for any purpose. With the shared web hosting plan from the company, you can host unlimited domains. Moreover, the plan includes all the bandwidth and disk space you will ever need to manage a professional website. more

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10 best online website speed test tools

There is a reason why some websites are found on the first page of Google results while others are not remotely near page one. This reason is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These are basically principles that are employed by search engines to rank the pages of a particular search. There is nothing like alphabetical order or anything of the sort with this ranking. One of the principles of SEO is that your page should not take an eternity to load up.

If you have create website or blog and it is taking an hour to load fully when a user requests for it, then you can be sure that you will not be ranking favorably. The site may have everything user wants to see but the time taken is too long- even with good internet. They will end up bouncing off the page. With a high bounce rate, you do not get to the top of a search engine results page.


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What web hosting package does my website need?

Creating a website is one of the best ways to establish an online presence. Websites are made up of several files and you need somewhere to store them to allow your target audience to access them. For this reason, you need a web server that you can access using web hosting. There are various hosting packages available and your choice will depend on you individual site needs. You need to consider price, speed, monthly usage, service quality, and traffic when selecting a web hosting option. Here are some of the most popular options.

Hostmonster shared hosting1. Hostmonster shared hosting

If you want to save on costs, this is one of the best hosting solutions available. With shared hosting, several websites are hosted on a single server. This is also a good option if you want your site up and running as soon as possible because there is no server configuration involved. The cost of shared hosting will vary depending on number of databases included, bandwidth allowance, and disk space.

One of the drawbacks of this package is server configuration limitations because you share a server with different sites. The kind of security, stability, and speed that you enjoy on your site will also be influenced by the websites that you are sharing the server with. This is why it is advisable to select a reputable hosting service to ensure good performance. You also need to know the number of sites that are hosted on one server to determine whether it will affect performance on your site. more

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Hostmonster wordpress setup both auto & manual

Hostmonster WordPress SetupInside this Simplescripts installer, we test Hostmonster WordPress blog compatibility. The selected CMS will be installed, configured and added with content. And this will act as a simple demo test site for anyone who looks forward to test their site performance before they buy. Content management system is free open-source website software for managing online content. Once installed, user can use the CMS to create pages and organized content etc. And most of the CMS scripts are designed to run in PHP server with MySQL database. We want to know how good is Hostmonster WordPress hosting is and how well our blog will perform.

Besides CMS apps, Simplescripts also provides huge collection of blogging apps. Setup and hosting a blog site is not difficult and the installation process is identical. Indeed, we always prefer WordPress script, as this is the best blogging script we had come across. They are used by million of websites and there are thousand of free themes available online. Setup process is fast, simple and only takes less than 5 minutes. We prefer to use Simplescripts and it only took a few clicks to complete. The installation step is simple, first go to Hostmonster.com and login to control panel and go to Simplescripts. Choose WordPress and start the installation. Choose destination location and give your blog a name. Enter new administrator login information and complete the setup process here and the site is now up running.


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Hostmonster website speed and uptime

Is Hostmonster speed faster compare to Bluehost? For fair comparison, we choose to use our own shared hosting account for testing. We are having account with them for several years and using it for our own websites. With these test sites in hand, we are able to analyse and check their performance in details.

Hostmonster speed test

This Hostmonster review site of ours is with page size of 209 KB can be loaded in 1.31 second. This calculate into an average of 159 KB/sec. If comparing this to our Bluehost review site which is near 120 KB/sec, this is over 30% faster in average.


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How to choose the best web hosting service?

Feature overviewCPanel web hosting is a web hosting provider that incorporates a control panel as part of its interface. A control panel makes navigating the whole site easier, quicker and less complicated. It is an add-on to any web hosting service. In choosing a web hosting provider one must consider a few things:

First know your needs. Web hosting provides an array of features that will be useless if none of them suits your needs. Even a top-ranked web hosting provider may not work for you if you do not know what you need to begin with.

Ask yourself the following questions before choosing a web hosting provider:

  • What kind of website will you be making?
  • What applications do you need? Do you need Windows-based applications?
  • Do you need special software?
  • How much web traffic are you expecting?


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Getting started with VPS and dedicated server

A high quality, user-friendly, and well managed website is indispensable for the growth and development of an online business. Creating such a website requires you choose a web host, have a domain name, applications, and content. A web hosting service refers to a type of internet hosting service that allows clients to avail their website via the worldwide web. This incorporates the space for the storage of website files, website traffic, and other services such as technical assistance, firewall protection, email service, domain registration, and essential tools for website building. Ideal factors to consider in determining a web hosting provider are your website’s traffic level, preferred method of getting help, storage required by your site, and specific needs such as eCommerce needs.

Hostmonster VPSAmong the numerous hosting services are Virtual Private Service (VPS) and Dedicated hosting service. VPS is a virtual machine that is created on a physical server. Websites are hosted on the same physical machine but VPS does allow each website to be independent as if each were on its own machine. The best way to understand how VPS works is through using the apartment analogy. Each virtual server in the machine resembles an apartment suit. You can renovate your own suite without necessarily affecting others. Similarly, if there is a problem in your suite it does not affect the others.


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Hostmonster video streaming speed test live

Hostmonster video streamingFrom the reader request, we put up some work and created a 30 second video clip for testing this Hostmonster cPanel plan. We have uploaded this video file to our shared hosting account and available for online playback. The file size is 630 kilobytes and from our test, we are seeing a variable 570 kilobytes per second video downloading speed. Yes, we are getting video speed of 570 KB/sec.

Now we know their web hosting plan is supporting various streaming video and audio file format including real media file format. And this plan allows custom mime types as well. You are now able to test Hostmonster video speed with the following more

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Optimize your blog with social network

We recommend Hostmonster hostingBlogging and social networks are some of the most powerful ways of promoting any type of virtual property out there. Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook will allow you to spread the word about your product or service like never before. Blogging can take your website to the next level. Here we are going to talk about each one of them, and how they can help you take your marketing campaign to a whole new level.

It is all about the keywords. Blogging is one of the most powerful weapons you can use to promote your services or products, but you need to understand that picking out the right keywords is paramount for you to get the results you are looking for. The keywords you use must be closely related to the topic of the page, which means they have the relevance search engines love. For instance, if your web page is about golf shoes, use keywords such as “best golf shoes brands,” “Adidas golf shoes” and so forth. You must also understand that keywords can make or break any online marketing campaign out there.


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