Unbiased Hostmonster reviews & critics (7 years hosted)

Why hosted Hostmonster reviews is the best?

Back in year 2007, we chosen to start reviewing Hostmonster.com and reveal their hidden secret. We want to know either their web hosting plan worth it or not and either they are serious in business or just another ripped off. From all these years of web hosting reviews and research on their customer, we have learned the truth about them. In here, we are not just having the latest coupons, we even have the secret discounts offering the biggest saving too. If you are already their customer, write us your review today.

Introduction to Hostmonster

The official homepage website is clear and simple to understand and it provides sufficient information. We know their product advantages and what they are selling. We also know the trick on how to get their hosting service at discount price and how to keep the renewal price at lowest possible. There is no a purposely hidden fact or info that don’t want anyone to find out. We feel comfortable to signup with and using their products. And we share our though and finding at here for free.

Homepage offer price

Hostmonster review on shared hosting services

They are now offering two types of shared hosting plans and the basic plan is just $4.95 per month. Another pro plan is much more expensive and cost $19.95 a month. Here are the few things to know about their web hosting, this includes:

  1. Price start from $4.95 per month. Offer price can goes to $3.95/mo.
  2. Unlimited domains and hosting multiple websites.
  3. Unlimited resource includes email accounts, storage and network transfer.
  4. Unlimited MySQL database with up to 1000 table max.
  5. Free cPanel and one year free domain name.
  6. Free Simplescripts 1-click installer tool.
  7. Maximum file count is 50000 and pro plan allows up to 500000 files.
  8. Free instant setup and this mean no setup fee.
  9. Free 24/7 technical support.
  10. Renewal price is $7.99 per month.

Hostmonster review on VPS and dedicated server

They are now offering with more than just shared hosting, they are now offering more hosting products and allow account upgrade to higher web hosting plan too. Here are the product range overviews:

  1. Unlimited shared hosting from $4.95 a month.
  2. VPS hosting from $29.99 a month and 4 plans available.
  3. Dedicated servers from $149.99 a month and 3 plans available.

Hostmonster rating for all these years

Throughout the years, they are growing and become better. They are now more than just shared hosting company that offers budget website hosting solution; they are now upgraded to professional solution via their latest VPS and dedicated hosting.

Following is our overall rating for the pass 7 years:

Our rating

Hostmonster customer testimonial and actual feedback

With their low price and high quality cPanel web hosting, we belief this web host will do very well. For all these years of throughout web hosting review and rating, we have received the following customer reply and they are willingly sharing their experience:

Joe: “This is a good website and with high quality content. We have read some of your review and it is informative and helping a lot. Sadly, it doesn’t rank in Google first page. Getting first page ranking is more difficult than ever and we really hope your site will do well in future.”

Williams: “I think Hostmonster offer is better than other hosting providers. I have checked their features and price, no other is better than this one. I have a few websites and urgently require a new home. For these reason, I finally decided to signup with them and stay here for years.”

Gazduire: “I had no problem with them even after many years here. We have one account with five websites and never have any problems with them. I heard many stories with larger sites and resource consuming problems, but so far my one are free from these server error.

IT: “Did you know Hostmonster does not have unlimited hosting. We have a site hosted with them and they killed it after more than 15 users were using the MySQL database. If I had money I would have sued them for false advertising. Their servers are all at max capacity and oversold and their customer support does not take any crap from the public. They are arrogant and mean and lost the capability to server the customer. Do yourself a favor and use another service. They are in any case just a reseller for Bluehost and won’t even admit that.”

Prof: “Hostmonster suck a big time. Their servers more down then up and they are oversold. I have a website hosted with their basic shared hosting and the site is having some serious problem. I try to reach customer support many time, however the problem is repeating and no permanent solution is given.”

Amay: “The links that you have given redirect to their homepage, where 5.95$/month is the only pricing available, does this mean the offer has ended? Is this promo applicable to current customers? When I’m in the renew host account section, I do not see the promo price listed on this site.”

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Hostmonster coupons and discounts (use this signup link)

What is the best Hostmonster coupon price?

We have monitored their coupons and promotion since year 2007 and recorded down their entire various promotion prices. In here, we provide the collection of their entire latest offer and also our own Hostmonster rebate money. All these will help you to get the best saving price on your initial signup.

Hostmonster coupon 2015 is now $3.49/mo

This year, Hostmonster.com is starting the year with some great offer and the most important one is this $3.49/mo offer price. This new price significantly cut the previous $4.95 monthly pricing. This is another 30% in discount and all new customers signing up now will be entitling for this Hostmonster promotion. Remember to click on below banner, get to the promo page as following and signup with one free domain.

Hostmonster coupon 2015

Hostmonster coupon for Cyber Monday $2.95/mo

If you have been waiting for the biggest web hosting sales of the year, this is the best time to signup with Hostmonster.com and grabs their unlimited shared hosting for $2.95/month only. This price includes everything you ever need and it comes with free domain registration all together. This offer price is valid until Monday midnight, signup by clicking on below picture and it will bring you to the right offer page.

Cyber Monday Coupon $2.95/mo

Hostmonster coupon $3.95/month

For this year 2014, their regular price is $4.95 per month and most people are signing up with this pricing. However, on certain selected holiday and sales, their price can be discounted and getting one dollar cheaper. For example is this October, their lowest discount price is now available for $3.95/month as following.

Hostmonster coupon $3.95

Hostmonster coupon $4.95/month

Currently, there are having three shared hosting packages and the new pricing are as following:

  1. Starter plan normally $5.99 is now $3.95/month.
  2. Plus plan normally $9.99 is now $6.95/month.
  3. Business pro normally $19.99 is now $14.95/month.

This kind of sales promotion is usually last for a day only. The next best web hosting coupon price will be this $4.95/mo offer price and this is the most popular choice. Activate this discount coupon $4.95/mo by clicking here!

Hostmonster coupon 2014

The question is not how to get the best discount but rather when to get it. Back in year 2006 to 2008, Hostmonster.com is giving us a secret link and it’s kind of exclusive offer and valid for us only. Later its getting more common and they start rewarding this to more and more people. It doesn’t last long and in less than two years they stop offering this type of rewards and end the secret link program. Guess the promotion already ended and they are no longer aiming for fast growth in customer base. We have tried to reach various people in charge and hoping to get some sort of offer price from them, but it didn’t return anything and we are really hopeless. If you are the lucky one and chosen to signup during that time, surely you are getting the best price and get to save the most. After all these, we started to offer our very own reward program and giving some small cash rebate to user that write us their customer user review. Some people really love this and sent us some great reviews and testimonial.

The biggest Hostmonster promotion is $3.95 per month

Anyone looking for a quality web hosting plan from good reputation company can now consider this budget plan. This coupon is valid during this winter sale. Make use to use the below link and it will bring you to secret page as screenshot below. Here is the $3.95/mo promotion which is already expired.

$3.95/mo Hostmonster winter sale

This is something new for the year 2014, they are introducing $20.14 offer price exclusively for all existing customer. Users can now order their web hosting for $1.68 a month or only $20.14 a year. Here is their second hosting account promotion page that expect to expire by June 15th 2014.

Hostmonster coupon $20.14

Hostmonster VPS hosting plan is 50% off

They have introduced the all new VPS web hosting plans a few months ago and now we are seeing a slight change in their packages. There are small upgrade in features and big discount on the pricing. For basic VPS plan, the price is now well below $14.99 first month. And following month renewal price will resume at regular rate.

VPS hosting promotion

Hostmonster Sitelock promotion price is cheap

Besides discount price on web hosting plan, this Sitelock domain security protection is available with promotion price too. To purchase new protection, log in to cPanel control panel and access the Sitelock dashboard as following. Purchase Sitelock for any of hosted domain at the price of $19.99 per year. Once the payment is made and billed your account, the security feature will be added automatically.

Sitelock Protection

Hostmonster domain pricing is really cheap

We are not expecting to see this, but they are heavily promoting it and we can see the banner in our control panel every time we login to our account. In today market price, we can see Godaddy is charging over $18 dollars for a dot org and dot com domain names (that we own). At here, Hostmonster.com is charging only $11.99 for the most general or popular domain TLD. That is almost 40% in saving and cheaper compare to the other registrar. We are not expecting to get this really low price at here. However, we can see their fast growth in recent years, they are fast expending and they are making some good profit from their hosting service. With this good profits, they can really afford to offer the cheapest domain registration price and make the price as low as possible.

Domain pricing

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Hostmonster VPS and dedicated servers (50% saving)

Hostmonster VPS is now available

They are offering four VPS (similar with Bluehost VPS) and price begins from $14.99 per month (after 50% discount). In feature comparison, we see both Hostmonster and Bluehost are offering the identical virtual server hosting services. Here is the overview of their VPS plans available:

  1. VPS with single core server is price at $29.99/mo.
  2. VPS with dual core server is price at $59.99/mo.
  3. VPS with triple core server is price at $89.99/mo.
  4. VPS with quad core server is price at $119.99/mo.

All the above pricing is monthly term and renew at same price. However as a new customer, you can get half price discount on all these packages for the first 30 days. This mean their VPS (first month) is now priced from $14.99 and up to $59.99 only.

What are the Hostmonster VPS hosting advantages?

This price you are paying will get you a fully managed virtual private server and it will be setup instantly upon your signup is complete. This mean there is no waste of time or any sort of delays in account setup process. This is the new type of VPS hosting feature and made possible with the latest cloud technology. With the highly flexible cloud network that host your VPS plan, it will be much more flexible and you can choose to setup account, choose to upgrade or downgrade plan at anytime you want. It will be configured instantly.

Hostmonster VPS

Hostmonster dedicated server is even better

When VPS is no longer the best solution for your business website, its time to go pro and switch to fully independent server hosting and own your private piece of hardware. This mean the whole server is yours, and it is not being shared with other users. There are few servers available right now, which including:

  1. Dedicated server basic from $149.
  2. Dedicated server enhanced from $199.
  3. Dedicated server premium from $249.

Dedicated server $149

Is Hostmonster VPS web hosting allows account reselling?

If you are looking for reseller program and wish to resell their wonderful shared hosting service, unfortunately they are no having any kind of reselling service for customer. The all four available VPS plans are not including billing software and you are unable to charge customer for their web hosting package. From the VPS’s WHM control panel, you will be given the multi-account management tool and here you create new cPanel and host more websites inside each cPanel. Either you can assign new user to each cPanel or manage it yourself. Bottom line is this virtual server plan is not designed for reseller use and only recommended for individual use only.

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Hostmonster Ecommerce review with top 10 Ecommerce software

Are you looking for qualities of hosting companies? All these are the enumerated Hostmonster Ecommerce review that’ll force you to determine signing a plan with them up immediately.

Considering all of the ads in the web world now you’re mistaken who to trust for. Hostmonster is considered among the very trusted and relied upon hosting supplier with top 10 Ecommerce applications such as Shopify, 3dcart, volusion, Bigcommerce, fortune3, Corecommerce, Pinnacle shopping cart, Godaddy Qucik Shopping cart, Xcart cloud, Ashop Commerce etc.

We will look at least 6 qualities that made numerous customers well-known in the hosting business through recent years and has endeared Hostmonster to them.

1) Hostmonster is extremely trustworthy

Numerous customers assure an up time of 99.9% but some third party tracking data site has recorded that this hosting services firm gives more than they really guarantee. Their real upward time period has been alone set at 99.95%. This really is one great edge they have over many other hosting companies.

2) Affordable and all in one hosting bundle

Hostmonster.com is reputed to have only one all inclusive hosting plan. All you’ll have to get your web site is contained in this single bundle. That it is possible to use infinite disk space, host unlimited domain name, with endless monthly transport could be considered a standard characteristic of another hosting websites but it’s astounding to be aware that Hostmonster pre-installs nearly all the most popular web site scripts like Joomla, WordPress etc for you. Hostmonster has sufficient Ecommerce features that will suite your needs if you’re seeking an internet solution for your big or little company concern.

3) It Joins Quick

It’s a recognized fact that Hostmonster comes with a very fast and secure link. The well known fact whole account bundle normally include mirrored storage back-up backup generator and Custom made Apache system server program. Additionally contained in every accounts are high performance in set up along with a Quad Opteron servers with OC48 backbone connection and UPS back ups. They also possess a professional security staff that tracks the information back-up facility that is wherever your hardware is saved. This really is a 24/7, round the clock observation.

4) The Cost

As with anything worth doing nicely, you should think about cost before you delve into any investment. This really is brilliant, particularly for modest sites owners and small businesses. The cost is appropriate for each budget kind and Hostmonster web hosting bundle contains Ecommerce shopping cart scripts, website promotion, free domain name, as well as a website builder with templates.

Hostmonster Ecommerce web hosting plans comes with infinite domain names, including international ones, infinite space, and unlimited email support, e-mail forwarding accounts, auto responders that are strong, addon domains, parked domains, sub domains, and extra FTP accounts. Your website will get Ecommerce functionality and entire e-mail along with sufficient support for most multimedia programs that are on-line – flash player, shockwave, video and streaming sound, etc.

5) CPanel Control Panel

Using a cPanel control panel is an efficient and highly powerful tool while hosting your web site, you may require. As a Hostmonster user, you may get the advantage of the highly acclaimed and time tested cPanel control panel. This icon-based interface is extremely user friendly. The functions are categorized into: Website Menu functions, Domain Name and Account Management, Mail Management, and Innovative Menu functions (such as SSL, Cron jobs, databases, FrontPage, and Back-Ups). There’s additionally the suitable to use cPanel Wizards (like Shopping Cart Gurus and PageWizard) and helpers (such as Search Engine Submit).

Additionally contained are the private cPanel notes, Start-up suggestions ToolTips and other settings saved on a different MyCpanel page. From here it is possible to read the option and also all your incoming e-mails to print traffic stats on your own web site.

6) Perfect Customer Service

With a mix of e-mail support, toll free call support, on-line knowledge base and Live Chat support, Hostmonster is among the few hosting firms that’s real time prompt help to any problem you might have as a customer. Here’s Chat support is reactive and really prompt you can not need any other route to lay your instantly get your problems clarified and whine or inquire question as you only chat to some of their representatives.

7) Hostmonster is safe

Hostmonster has an excellent world class back up plan set up that ensures the security of your data. In addition they provide you with money-back guarantee. This just means that in the event that you aren’t satisfied with their services within 30 days, you have it without hassles and can request your cash.

8) International Acknowledgement

Some web hosting reviews websites have given Hostmonster the best hosting business. Their services are testified to be exceptional by their numerous customers.

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Hostmonster vs. Hostgator vs. Network Solution: which hosting company is the best?

Choosing a reliable web hosting company is a tough challenge very few webmasters can stand up to. There are literally dozens of website hosting companies on the market, each one providing at least two different hosting plans for you to choose from. But not all of them strive to offer the same experience, and a lot of them lack the features and professionalism your website needs to thrive in today’s fast-changing online environment. Before you choose the first web hosting provider you come across, make sure to read our reviews of the most popular providers, their offering of hosting plans, and also their pricing below.

1) Hostmonster Review

Having been founded in 1996, Hostmonster has been providing top-notch web hosting solutions to customers ever since. Although the company is also owned by Endurance International Group, Hostmonster has reported fewer server outages as compared to Hostgator, which provided a better experience to customers. Hostmonster is also a better option due to the more convenient hosting plans they offer, which is also significantly cheaper as compared to Hostgator.

Hostmonster offers one major hosting plan users can select, which provides a very wide range of features including unlimited disk storage, unlimited domains hosted, a free domain name for one year, unlimited transfer space, unlimited sub-domains, website statistics, as well as support for most major platforms including Joomla and WordPress. Ecommerce features are also included, not to mention that Hostmonster offers search engine submission to help webmasters promote their websites effectively. At only $3.49, the plan is extremely cheap and advantageous, especially since it comes with a lot of features many other web hosting companies do not, plus a much smaller price.

Hostmonster conveys dedication to providing an excelling customer experience by the live demo provided on their website. This allows users to test the performance and ease of use of the cPanel administrator control panel, as well as the friendliness of the interface, and also test the features provided with their hosting plan.

It’s important to mention that Hostmonster works only with quad-core processor performance servers to ensure a 99.9-percent uptime performance to users. Thanks to the UPS power backup and diesel generator backup power, the servers never run out of power, which means that your website will be up and easily reachable all the time. Much to webmasters delight, 24/7 network monitoring is provided in order to immediately identify potential issues that might cause server downtime or even an outage. However, customer support is available only by phone, which can be a concern for users who prefer live chat or email support.

If you are looking for a great web hosting plan that is cheaper than most, Hostmonster is an excellent option. Their plan includes a lot more features as compared to Hostgator, not to mention that prices are also cheaper.

2) Hostgator Review

Rated as one of the best web hosting company in 2014, Hostgator remains a popular choice among webmasters. The company has been in business since 2002, and was eventually acquired by Endurance International Group in June 2012. Despite the good quality of their services and wide range of features included with each hosting plan, Hostgator has suffered an increased incidence of server downtime and outages, which have been affected users from all over the world.

In terms of features, Hostgator stands out especially through the very wide range of features provided. Their most basic plan – Hatchling – is priced at $3.96 a month, and comes with 1 domain allowed, unlimited sub domains, unlimited disk space and bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases, plus $100 credit for Google Adwords advertising. You will have to create a new Google Adwords account via the link provided by Hostgator to receive the $100 advertising credit, as users with previous accounts do not qualify for this offer.

There is no WordPress-specific hosting plan offered by Hostgator, but WordPress hosting is supported with every plan provided by the company. Apart from shared hosting, dedicate, VPS and reseller hosting plans are also available, although they are usually more expensive. Luckily, Hostgator offers the latest version of cPanel as the default control panel, along with a wide range of tools you can use to quickly build your website, such as shopping carts, blogs, forums, website statistics, and more.

In addition to these, Hostgator includes a 45-day money-back guarantee that allows you to get fully refunded if you are not entirely satisfied with the performance of your website when using their plans. As for their uptime performance, Hostgator provides a 99.9-percent uptime guarantee, although several users reported it to drop down to 99.8% over one year’s time. Support desk is available 24/7 via phone and live chat, which facilitates easy and convenient communication.

View the complete Hostgator review and test site at here.

3) Network Solution Review

Despite its offering of decent-quality features, Network Solution is far inferior to both Hostmonster and Hostgator. From the first moment when you access their plan listing, you will likely be astonished by the huge prices, which start at €7.90 per month (or $8.87) for the most basic plan. This is nearly three times as expensive as if you were choosing Hostmonster plan, and almost twice as expensive as Hostgator Hatchling plan.

Network Solution offers only 100 GB of storage, up to 100 mailboxes, and 5 pages scanned for malware every day, which is a huge letdown for most webmasters. Of course, unlimited data transfer, one-click app installation, website builder and automatic database backup are also provided, but this does not make the user feel any better. Fortunately, Network Solution supports most major platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and MySQL, which adds convenience to those webmasters looking specifically for one of them. WordPress hosting plans are included for only $3.28 for those who want to build WP-based websites, which is a huge plus.
Although a 99.9-percent uptime performance guarantee is provided, many users have reported it to drop down to 99.7% over a few months’ time, which can negatively impact the way your website functions. Needless to mention, users will likely leave your page due to media content loading too slowly, hence decreasing your traffic while boosting your bounce rate. As for the customer support, you can communicate with Network Solution support desk only by phone, which doesn’t sound that appealing if you are used to either live chat or email support.

Our Web Hosting Verdicts

Although Hostgator is a favorite choice among webmasters looking for reliable web hosting, Hostmonster provides better pricing and a lot more advantages for both businesses and personal use. Packed with most features needed to build a solid, well-designed website, and offering a free domain for one year, Hostmonster helps you score big savings with your purchase, giving you the time to make your website thrive, earn revenue, and conveniently pay off the domain once renewal time comes.

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Hostmonster vs. Godaddy: who is the best host?

Hostmonster and Godaddy are two reputable Linux-based web hosting providers, and each one is known for something: while Godaddy is one of the most popular providers, hosting over 55 million domains and servicing more than 12 million customers worldwide, Hostmonster is one of the oldest providers in the world, as it was established back in 1996. This Hostmonster vs. Godaddy review and comparison will emphasize on the most notable advantages, disadvantages, features and functions of both providers, along with a bottom line that will help you decide on the most suitable one for you.

1) Comparing prices, benefits and features

Godaddy has always had a variety of hosting plans, and this is one of the many things that appeal to its 12 million customers. Besides this, with the right coupon codes and promotional links, Godaddy allows you to get a discount of up to 30% for these plans. That being said, the three major plans offered by this provider are Economy (which starts at $5.99 a month), the Deluxe hosting plan (starting from $8.99 per month) as well as the Ultimate hosting plan that costs $14.99 a month.

At the opposite end, there is the Hostmonster Company that only offers one basic shared hosting plan that starts at $3.95 a month. While this plan is truly affordable, even more affordable than the basic hosting package provided by Godaddy, it may not be enough to accommodate the hosting needs of a medium-sized company or those of a large enterprise. Nonetheless, both plans include unlimited bandwidth, open source CMS and they aim to support both MySQL5 and PHP 5. Godaddy only allows one website per plan and offers 25 sub-domains for the Economy plan.

At the same time, both Hostmonster and Godaddy offer tailored hosting plans that are very user-oriented and include at least one 1-click installer that allows those who have little to no programming skills to set up a website within minutes. This fast and effortless installer is great for beginner bloggers and webmasters, and in addition to it both hosting companies provide the popular cPanel, which is widely known for its intuitive interface and wealth of features.

The payment method is yet another important aspect that should not be neglected, and one of the aspects both web hosting companies have in common is the fact that they both accept money paid via PayPal and credit cards, which truly comes in handy for the user, as he can pay for his yearly hosting quickly and effortlessly from the privacy of his home.

2) Speed and efficacy

One of the most important aspects each webmaster takes into account when choosing a web hosting company is the page loading speed. Page loading speed can attract visitors or, on the contrary, it can push them away. Having said that, the Hostmonster hosting plans are approximately two times faster than the Godaddy plans. Although the response time is measured in milliseconds and there is barely any noticeable difference between the two, some webmasters do give extra credit to Hostmonster for this.

3) Uptime and performance

Another important aspect that should be considered is the overall guaranteed monthly uptime and the performance of the hosting service. As the largest hosting provider in the United States, Godaddy cannot afford to make any compromise in terms of performance, and although the company guarantees an uptime of 99.9%, tests have revealed that the uptime rises up to 99.92%. On the other hand, Hostmonster guaranteed uptime is equally good, as it guarantees up to 99.97%.

4) Customer support

Just like most web hosting companies these days, both Hostmonster and Godaddy offer unlimited, 24/7 customer and technical support via e-mail, phone as well as live chat. Some users say, however, that the Hostmonster technical support team tends to be slightly faster than that of Godaddy, which once again can make a tremendous difference in emergency situations.

5) The bottom line

To conclude, Godaddy has been known for years as an affordable place to buy cheap domains, as it features the largest domain registrar on the whole Internet. At the same time, the hosting services offered by Godaddy are reliable, professional and great for personal websites and blogs, as they have an outstanding uptime. Nevertheless, if you are looking for hosting services for your company’s blog or website, then perhaps Hostmonster is a better choice, given its responsible web host and rich-featured plans.

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Hostmonster vs. Bluehost web hosting review and comparison

Before you start to compare Hostmonster vs. Bluehost you should keep in mind the fact that both are technically the same company that is owned as well as operated by a person called Matt Heaton. The funny thing is that each shares virtually everything including pricing and office address as well as servers and even staff. The only real difference is that they have different names. Once you understand this you will now have a problem in choosing between these two companies.

Compare them from the beginning

The first thing that strikes you when comparing Hostmonster vs. Bluehost is that the former was founded later (in 2005) while the latter was founded in 2003. Bluehost got a head start and so is larger in size than Hostmonster, at least in terms of its customer base. Each is popular and has a strong brand image. Each has hosted more than one million websites.

Matt Heaton likes to be thought of as the CEO of Bluehost as well as Hostmonster and not as CEO of Hostmonster and Bluehost. In his mind, Bluehost is the more important company that always comes first in his mind. Perhaps, the reason for this is that Bluehost happens to be a lot more valuable than Hostmonster and so it makes more sense (businesswise) for him to take good care of Bluehost ahead of Hostmonster.

Who is with the largest customer base?

Secondly, when comparing Hostmonster vs. Bluehost you will also come to realize that Bluehost customer forum happens to be much larger as compared to that of Hostmonster. This means that if you are Bluehost customer then you will find more discussions as well as replies on the Bluehost customer forum.

As for shared web hosting features as well as terms, both Bluehost and Hostmonster offer the same features and terms, except for the version of certain features or technology. So, when 2012 comes to an end, Bluehost will still be using Ruby 1.8.7 and Rails 2.x but Hostmonster will have upgraded to Ruby 1.9.2 and Rails 3.2.2.

Who is with the fastest servers?

As for loading speed, both Bluehost and Hostmonster make use of identical data centers and they also use identical servers and also the same technologies. When you compare their shared web hosting speeds, you won’t find any difference between Hostmonster and Bluehost. Similarly, in terms of loading speeds there was nothing to choose between the two service providers in terms of database queries and page generation as well as page rendering.

When comparing Hostmonster vs. Bluehost in terms of reliability, it must be pointed out that Hostmonster is much more aggressive in so far as making use of new technologies go. The Hostmonster web hosting reliability is just a shade worse than that of Bluehost. Bluehost commits to 99.9 percent uptime while Hostmonster is committed to providing 97.4 percent uptime and it normally goes down for about two hours each month.

The nice thing about Hostmonster and Bluehost is that they both offer outstanding customer support. This may be because they share the same support staff.

Price comparison

When you compare prices, then Hostmonster web hosting price starts at 5.99 dollars per month and it also offers forty two percent off promotion for 3.49 dollars per month. Bluehost on the other hand offers three packages for which it charges 5.99 dollars per month, 9.99 dollars per month and 19.99 dollars per month respectively. If you avail of their promotional offers then the prices come down to 3.49 dollars per month, 3.95 dollars per month and 13.95 dollars per month respectively.

Who is with the best reputation?

Bluehost also enjoys a better reputation than Hostmonster though there is really not all that much difference in their reputation. Feature wise, again Bluehost slightly outscores Hostmonster and as mentioned in terms of loading speed again Bluehost is a better option than Hostmonster. Bluehost is also considered to be more reliable than Hostmonster and its customer support also slightly outperforms that of Hostmonster. In terms of price again Hostmonster fares slightly worse off than Bluehost.

When the time comes to pick between Bluehost and Hostmonster, you should look for a shared web hosting provider that is reliable and cost effective. Bluehost and Hostmonster is each a very good choice, but at the same time one needs to look very carefully at each before making up one’s mind. Bluehost may be a better option because it is always trying to use the latest technologies but Hostmonster for its part is much more aggressive and it likes to upgrade its servers for the latest technologies. Bluehost is also more conservative and it is also more reliable. See our complete Bluehost review and demo at here.

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Hostmonster VPS a premier hosting plan that gives you quality and guaranteed server resources

Hostmonster is one of the top ranked web hosting service providers famous for its quality equipment, excellent customer service, maximum guaranteed uptime and secure backups. Since its establishment in 1996, the company has been constantly providing customer oriented hosting solutions to thousands of personal and business websites at a fraction of the cost charged by other providers. Because of its honest and solid business practices, Hostmonster has successfully managed to roll out the following hosting packages: Shared web hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting.

In this Hostmonster VPS review, we are going to look at the details of the Virtual Private Server hosting package including the pricing, unique features and the benefits you stand to enjoy by opting into this hosting solution.

Hostmonster VPS package details

Hostmonster VPS is a comprehensive and fully managed VPS hosting service that has all the necessary features and addons installed on the server including Apache, the 64-bit CentOS operating system, PHP, control panel and much more exciting functionality. Customers who may for one reason or the other require more features, this Hostmonster VPS review can reveal that the VPS package also comes with full root access to CentOS which enables you to install as well as configure your custom software and applications. In addition, the VPS service comes with instant provisioning that allows users to quickly access the server resources without having to wait for long hours as witnessed in other hosting services.

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Hostmonster VPS hosting plans and pricing

As you will learn from this Hostmonster VPS review, there are several VPS plans that are offered by Hostmonster and each one of them comes at a different pricing and has unique and added features that appeal to a specific niche of personal and business websites. The plans offered include:

  1. Standard VPS package.
    This package is offered at $29.99 per month and comes with the following features:

    • Single Core
    • 2 GB RAM
    • 30 GB of Disc Space
    • 1 Terabyte (TB) of Bandwidth per Month
    • Free Domain Name
    • 64-bit CentOS Operating System
    • One Dedicated IP, a Control Panel and Root Access
  2. Enhanced VPS Hosting Package.
    This plan which is priced at $59.99 per month comes with a host of features as detailed below:

    • Dual Core
    • 4 GB of RAM
    • 60 GB Disc Space
    • 2 Terabytes of Bandwidth per month
    • Two Dedicated IPs and Free Domain Name
    • A Vibrant CentOS 6.4 Operating System
  3. Premium VPS Plan.
    This is a more advanced hosting solution priced at $89.99 per month and incorporates the following features:

    • Triple Core
    • 6 GB RAM
    • Ample Disc Space measuring 120 GB
    • 3 TB of Bandwidth per month
    • A Free Domain Name, Two Dedicated IPs and a 64-bit CentOS Operating System
  4. Ultimate VPS Hosting Plan.
    This plan hosting plan is the highest in terms of features and it is targeted at busy websites that require larger disc spaces, bandwidth and RAM. It is build at $119.99 per month and comes with the following exciting features:

    • Quad Core
    • 8 GB of Random Access Memory
    • 240 GB Disc Space
    • Bandwidth measuring 4 TB per month
    • A Free Domain Name and 2 Dedicated IPs
    • A Top of the Range CentOS 6.4 Operating System

Why choose Hostmonster VPS hosting service?

There are lots of benefits and advantages that will accrue to you by choosing this VPS hosting service. According to this honest Hostmonster VPS review, the flexibility that comes with putting up your site on Hostmonster servers is second to none. Below are some of the benefits you stand to enjoy.

  1. Cloud Technology.
    Hostmonster VPS solutions are integrated with a powerful cloud technology that enables you to manage your server resources on the go thereby enhancing your growth path.
  2. Enhanced cPanel.
    The company uses an innovative and user-friendly cPanel environment that has a rich set of features you can’t find anywhere else in the market.
  3. Root Access.
    The full control and root access that the control panel gives you to the server and CentOS guarantees you more control.
  4. Guaranteed Server Resources.
    With 3 data centers fully equipped with high performance DELL servers located in Utah and Provo, Hostmonster has a guaranteed uptime. The KVM hypervisor virtualization further ensures that every resource purchased is guaranteed to be available always.
  5. Instant Provisioning.
    Hostmonster does not require hours or days to provision but instead gets your site up and running in just a matter of seconds.
  6. Multi-Account Management.
    Through a single log in, you can manage all your Hostmonster accounts and access to multiple cPanel hosting services. This saves you time and the inconvenience.

The demerits of Hostmonster VPS package

Web hosting on Hostmonster is excellent however some customers feel that the pricing is a little bit high and beyond reach. The beauty with this is that there are several VPS plans available and you can choose the one that suits you needs. You can also upgrade and downgrade for free depending on your changing realities.


With such unprecedented server speeds of more than 15,000 MB per second, response times of less than 342 ms, 100 percent guaranteed uptime and 24/7 call, email and chat support, this Hostmonster VPS review can comfortable endorse this VPS service as the best in the industry.

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