Hostmonster is our preferred cPanel web hosting company. Setup at year 1996, they are now 17 years old and serving over 1.7 millions websites world wide. This is one popular brand and they are well known for high quality products and services. They are located at Utah, United States and they use fully US-based support.

They are is now offering shared hosting, VPS and dedicated server. Their high quality products are what make them so famous today and trusted by million of websites. It strikes the balance between feature, price and quality.

We are hosting with them since 2007 and this is 6th years reviewing their service. Many years of Hostmonster reviews and comparison test, we are 100% sure this is a top 10 web hosting company. web hosting

In this Hostmonster review blog, we have written various reviews and editor verdicts. We have included the latest Hostmonster VPS reviews and dedicated server reviews too. In here, we have huge collection of Hostmonster coupons throughout the years. This single website is the one-stop location to know all about and see their pros and cons.

Hostmonster is a good web hosting company. No mistake this unlimited domains plan is one of the best cPanel plan available today. With decent features, huge resources, good uptime rating and technical support… all these are the few reasons for their success. They use latest technology, server hardware, software and technical team. There are many other reasons to choose and here are top reasons:

  • Over 15 years in experience and hosting 1.7 million domains.
  • Unlimited storage space, bandwidth usage and domains.
  • Free domain, cPanel, SimpleScripts and site builders.
  • Free advertising credits and search engines submission.
  • Excellent 24/7 support with live chat, email and phone service.

Hostmonster VPS web hosting is now available. Right now, they are now offering four VPS packages and price start from $14.99 per month. Their VPS plan start from two gigabytes of memory and terabytes of data transfer per month. This basic VPS plan is suitable for most business website and we are recommending this plan for most user upgrading from shard hosting.

This Hostmonster VPS server is running CentOS 64-bit architecture. And user can choose server with single core, dual cores or quad cores processor. Its performance can be upgraded by choosing from 2 GB to 8 GB in computer memory RAM. Free domain name and dedicated IP come as standard too.

VPS web hosting package

Hostmonster dedicated server is extremely powerful. Business website that don’t like sharing server resources can now switch to dedicated server and choose from their three available packages. VPS is not superior, private server is. This plan offer the highest uptime rating and performance, no doubt this is what business website require. Right now, this Hostmonster server price is available with 50% discount and comes with dual cores Xeon processor, 4 GB RAM memory and 500 GB storage space. A free domain name and 3 IP addresses are included in this package as well.

Dedicated server package

Hostmonster cPanel control panel is nicely designed. They have been using cPanel control panel for many years. Back to the year 2007 when we first signup their shared hosting, they were using the cPanel XP Evolution version, by the time that was the most advanced version available. Right now, they are using the latest version plus a custom made theme that integrated all the account manager tools inside. User can now manage their websites, billing profile, and much more. It is a very easy and simple to use, no difficulties at all. It takes less than 5 minutes to get familiar with. The items are grouped and well organized. It also support multiple languages in the control panel. And we can switch to other preferred languages through the drop down menu. This is more user-friendly and suitable for user from different nations.

To log in cPanel for the first time, go to their homepage, click the client login link at the top right. Enter in username and password, this will bring you to the account. Alternatively, we can choose to login via domain name directly. For example for our Hostmonster review site here, we can login directly at URL

Changing cPanel username and password can be performed by user from within this control panel. At the page bottom, there is a change password link. Choose a new secure password and update it to account.

CPanel control panel and demo

Hostmonster SimpleScripts installer is much better. Installation via Fantastico or SimpleScripts, that is one of the common questions we hear from their user. Note that SimpleScripts are designed to replace Fantastico, it is better and come with faster updates. From this SimpleScripts installer, user can find a very wide range of apps for free installation.

They have launched another free one-click installer for application and scripts, they named it Mojo Marketplace. From what we learned, this is extended version of their SimpleScripts that now combined with market place for user to buy or sell apps, themes, and add-on products. It brings in more features to SimpleScripts and extended it features.

SimpleScripts Installer Demo

Hostmonster site builder is tested here. Some cPanel plan is giving simple site builder or the RVsitebuilder, we have tested those and its bit simple we can say and some users complaints there is problems here and there with it. There are some company that offering third party website builder tools like Weebly and Trendy site builder. User can get this site builder software for installation.

We have run a quick preview of the features offered by Trendy site builder, its great. We are surprised by their new features and more advanced integration with useful tools like PayPal payment integration etc. All of these are done via Trendy site builder, its revolutionary, and it is great for beginner and advanced users going to find it useful!

Their user-friendly cPanel hosting plan with SimpleScripts installer and now with now with variety of site builder tools included inside. This makes them one of best web hosting plan with the most site building tool.

Trendy site builder

Hostmonster customer support quality is top rated. Through out all these years, our web server has been upgraded several times and this including software and hardware upgrade. We have contact their customer support several times and we know how good they are. Whenever we need some assistant from support team, this phone support will be the quickest way. Pickup the phone and dial support phone number. After a short waiting, we can get connected to the phone support team. For small technical issue, the problem will be solved on the spot. It is important not to make user waiting over the phone and listen to machine voice. They are doing a really great job in providing real human customer support. We are fully satisfy with their phone support that is friendly and professional.

Hostmonster live chat support is one of the best too. For example, we are now live chat with the technical support department and asking about domain transfers that we going to engage. They give me a short instruction on what to do on my side, and follow by a link to their knowledge base that compiled with everything we need to know. This is real life human assistant and we glad they are here to help. They use US-based technical support people and they are working directly on the server to fix any issue found. This is specific configured to ensure the best customer service and the quickest support level. The communication is clear and our request is easily resolved. In overall, we are rating their customer service quality with 10 out of 10 scores.

Hostmonster speed performance is better than most others. When checking website speed, we are not talking about checking official site. We are here to check for customer server speed rating and actual performance from customer view point. From our latest website speed check, our WordPress blog with tons of images are loaded nearly one second only. Here are our Hostmonster speed test:

  • Website in test is
  • Total size including HTML, CSS, and images are total at 209 kilobytes.
  • Total loading time require is 1.3 second.
  • In summary, the average transfer time is 159 KB/sec.

Is their website speed faster compare to Bluehost? From our Bluehost speed test, we are getting near 120 KB/sec performance. Meaning this website speed is a bit faster compare to our Bluehost account.

Website speed test

Hostmonster uptime and availability rate is supreme. Right now they have VPS and dedicated server, but we are more concern of their shared hosting uptime rating. Usually shared hosting delivers the lowest uptime rating and monitoring this will reflect their lowest uptime percentage. We have been tracking this Hostmonster’s review site since year 2007 and its average server uptime is 99.85%.

Year website uptime downtime

Hostmonster affiliate program is attractive. They are now offering $65 commission to those recommend friends or anyone to signup. With these benefits, basically they gain lots of promoter and people that work hard to recommend their products on the Internet. And with this strategy, they help increase sales and company reputation.

Fact is, affiliates life is totally depending on luck. This week making sales will not means next week going to make other sales. Promotional effort and advertising cost is self absorb. If affiliates use PPC advertising network, the cost will be staggering high. From research, we found out this will require spending five dollars in average per click. If within 100 clicks there is 1 signup for example, it costs five hundred dollars to bring in a sale. Advertiser will need to have higher conversion rate in order to gain any profit.

From basic, this partner system is designed for small rewarding purpose. Get friends or partners to sign up, since it cost nothing then this system works. Using paid advertising on affiliate promotion does not work and this is not a business to invest in.

Our overall Hostmonster rating scores is a 9.5 out of 10. We have seen huge improvement from them in recent years. Now, there are with more web hosting products to choose from and they have high performance dedicated servers as well. They are growing from shared hosting provider into a full fleet web hosting company now and they have good quality web hosting plans for all level of users. After evaluating all their products, features and price, we are giving them a great overall score.

Rating and votes

Here is the Hostmonster DNS Domain Name Server to use. If buying from third party registrar like Godaddy, Namecheap, Enom, Tucows, or 1&1, do log in to their control panel, and change it to point to their DNS field as following:

For example this review blog is registered with external registrar and later hosted here. This type of domain pointing is very common and won’t affect the website speed performance.